Artist's Book, leporello format. Words embroidered on paper with texture made as blinde embossing.
Dimension: 13 cm x 19 cm (closed)  Lenght: 107 cm, unfolded.


Artist’s Book Project
The word “history” and the English word “story” both originate from the Latin historia, meaning a narrative or account of past events. History is itself a collection of thousands of stories about the past told by many different people.
The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche identified three types of history: monumental, antiquarian and critical. He was concerned about the use and ‘abuse’ of history, but insisted that ”We need history, for the past continues to flow through us in a hundred channels. We ourselves are, after all, nothing but our own sensation at every moment of this continued flow.”
The way I use photos in Small Stories, reflects conditions of today where we have a constant stream of digital images passing before our eyes and more than 1,5 billion photos are shared every day on social media sites.

The size of each print is 6 x 11 cm, corresponding to the screen of an ordinary mobile phone.